The Proposition:
   Premise, History, Principles,
   Criteria, the Method, Seeding,
   Nesting, Gerry's Gallery,
   Animation, Technical Reference. The Campaign:
   FV2K Coalition, Literature,
   News, Resolution,
   Commentary, Analysis. The Schedule:
   Final Text, Advice,
   Proponents, AG Summary,
   Petitions, Submission. The Law:
   California Constitution,
   Election Code, Supreme Court.

2K Petition Fails
Onward To 2K !

Initiative Constitutional Amendment for
Automated Districting

Fair Vote 2K is an effort to create objective, practical,
and fair political district boundaries from census data
at the beginning of the millennium.
Contribute Today to the
Fair Vote 2K Coalition

The proposition requires the Secretary of State to execute specific instructions which would
automatically draw new compact and equal electoral districts
 for State Assembly, State Senate, Congressional
and Board of Equalization after the year 2000 national census.

It prohibits any consideration of party registration, voting history, race, creed, sex or national origin
of the electors by requiring compact districts of equal population.

The procedure would eliminating any discretion or special treatment of any population group
or special interests. All gerrymandered lines, safe seats and the associated
bargaining, "log-rolling", and court battles would be eliminated.

The Proposition Get FV2K Updates via Email
The Proposition Premise for Automated Districting
History of Apportionment and Gerrymandering
Principles and Criteria of Fair Districting
Seed and Accumulate Method
Population Counts, Nesting and Sequencing
Legal and Political Consequences
Download and Print Petitions
Gerry's Gallery: Bizarre Shapes
Automation Animation: How it Works
Technical Reference
The Campaign Join The Campaign
The Campaign Fair Vote 2K Coalition
Prepare Promotional Literature
Legislative Council Petitions
Attorney General Summary
Petition Forms, Text, Instructions

Libertarians Endorse Fair Vote
Republicans Endorse Fair Vote
Natural Law Endorses Fair Vote

District Maps Analysis
County Coordinators & Counts

November 2K
       Petition Fails
   Onward to 2K+2!

Organizational Rallies
Direct Mail Campaign
Media Appearances & Advertising

The Schedule CA Status: All Propositions
The Schedule Sponsor's Final Draft ( Final Text v10/08/99)
Petition for Legislative Council Advice
Fair Vote 2K Proponent Committee
Attorney General's Title & Summary
Petition Circulation
Petition Submission
Election Official Verification
Ballot Pamphlet Arguments
Proposition Election
Election Code Reference
The Law
The Law Draft Amended California Constitution, Article 21
Current Article 21: Apportionment
Draft Amended California Elections Code Section 21000
Current Section 21000

Voting Rights Act Compliance
Stacking The Deck...
"Communities of Interest":
   Fair Vote Factor?

Competing District Plans
Supreme Court on Districting

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