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Initiative Constitutional Amendment for
Automated Districting

Petition Forms

The official petition format, content, fonts, spacing, and text is strictly controlled by law.
You may make exact photocopies of the original petition (no reduction or enlargement)
on both sides of an 8 x 14 (legal size) sheet. Printing errors may cause all signatures
to be invalidated. Check in particular that the petition has a 1" margin at the top of each
page. The following PDF file requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader to print, but will work
with almost any system or printer. If in doubt about the quality of your copy,
contact the Fair Vote 2K Coalition to request an original of the petition form.

Download PDF Petition Form

Formatted Final Initiative Text v2.0

This is a formatted version of the Final Initiative Text v2.0 (4 pages)

Adobe PDF File Text

WordPerfect 6.1 Format
MS Word 6.0 Format
WStar 7.0 Format

Sample Districting Program and Data Files

The files containing the final step of the districting process are preliminary drafts (7/15/98).
They are compressed into a standard WinZip format for extraction.
Contact William@westmiller.com for FoxProWin programming applications.
For information on the programs and files, Jump Computer Programming Reference.

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