The Proposition:
   Premise, History, Principles,
   Criteria, the Method, Seeding,
   Nesting, Gerry's Gallery,
   Animation, Technical Reference. The Campaign:
   FV2K Coalition, Literature,
   News, Resolution,
   Commentary, Analysis. The Schedule:
   Final Text, Advice,
   Proponents, AG Summary,
   Petitions, Submission. The Law:
   California Constitution,
   Election Code, Supreme Court.

FV2K Coalition

Initiative Constitutional Amendment for
Automated Districting

Libertarian Party Endorsement

Republican Party Endorsement

Personal Endorsements
Partial List: Under Construction

Curtis Baer
  Republican, Pacific Palisades
William Hughes
  Republican, San Jose
Lucille Pershing
  Republican, Burbank
Polly Benson-Brown
  Republican, Santa Monica
 Arthur Jacobsen
  Republican, Los Alamitos
Daniel Rego
  Executive Director,
  College Republicans
Ron Berti
  Republican, Cupertino
Robert Jay
  Republican, Thousand Oaks
Juan Ros
  Executive Director,
  Libertarian Party of California
Paul Chaney
  Republican, San Bernardino
Robert Kowell
  Republican, Sunland
Sid & Bonnie Roth
  Republicans, Claremont
Prof. David Churchman
  Conflict Management*
Dominguez Hills
Boyd Larson
  Republican, Lompoc
Peter Simic
  Republican, Burbank
Dr. George Clark
  Republican, Manhattan Beach
Max Lester
  Republican, Tarzana
Don Smith
  Ventura County Reform Party
Stephen Gibson
  Executive Director*
  Bionomics Institute
Raymond O. Mills
  Reform Party of California
Sandi Webb
  Libertarian, Simi Valley
Greg Gandrud
  Republican, Carpinteria
James Mertzel
  Republican, Northridge
Daniel Wiener
  Libertarian, Simi Valley

* Affiliation for Identification
Purposes Only


Coalition Officers

Bill Westmiller Author: Bill Westmiller is California Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus, a former candidate for Congress, was an official spokesman for the School Voucher Initiative, authored a state proposition ballot argument on Veteran's Bonds and is a past National Secretary and State Chairman of the Libertarian Party.
Bill and his wife Robin live in Thousand Oaks with their three daughters and operates a desktop publishing specialty store, Paper Depot.
Detailed Biography

Dave Churchman Research Director: Dave Churchman is a Professor of Conflict Management at California State University, Dominguez Hills, a former candidate for Congress, co-founder Wildlife on Wheels, and a member of the Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce.
Detailed Biography

Dave is currently on a Fullbright Scholarship Sabbatical
in Cyprus until June 1, 2000.


Coalition Advisors

List Pending

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