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22: Events Walking The Dog... INTO THE YO-YO WARS
12/30/98 When foreign policy becomes a frivolous amusement, Congress must act.
[Net: RealMensch News]
21: Project Stacking The Deck... AGAINST A SHUFFLED ELECTORATE
12/24/98 California Initiative to ban gerrymandered election districts.
20: Event The Chinese Curse... AN OMEN OF INTERESTING TIMES
12/19/98 The Senate trial of Clinton can reach a temperate conclusion
[Op/Ed: Ventura Star News]

19: Event Rising To The Level Of... CONTEMPT FOR THE CONSTITUTION
12/15/98 Parsing Words, Legal Fuzzies, Irrelevant Facts and Impeachment
18: Issue Spitting With Fury At... SAVING SOCIALIST SECURITY
12/07/98 "Half n Half Solution" to the Social Security problem
17: Issue Exclude The Truth And... KILL JUSTICE WITH LIES
12/02/98 The Exclusionary Rule is not the whole truth
[Op/Ed: Ventura Star News]

16: Issue Live And Let Die... IN A WISE AND WILLFUL PASSING
11/24/98 Dr. Kevorkian is a constitutional rights hero
15: Book Review Fare Thee Well, Newt... WE HARDLY KNEW YE, ALEXIS
11/20/98 De Toqueville didn't understand Democracy in America
[Net: SpinTech Magazine]
14: Issue Love Crimes, Hate Crimes, And...THE WORST POSSIBLE MOTIVE
11/13/98 Motivation should never be confused with criminal intent
13: Event Moderation, Compromise, And...LET DEMOCRATS PICK A SPEAKER?
11/09/98 Leadership battle should bring new blood
12: Event Foresight Is Cheap...HINDSIGHT WILL COST YOU
11/02/98 Why Republicans will lose this election
11: Issue PBR, NIH, AND...The ABCs Of HMOs
10/28/98 Health insurance is a pact with the devil
[News: USA Today]
10: Event Terribly Wonderful Gems... FROM EIGHT QUIET ANGELS
10/19/98 A low-key revolution in school initiative
09: Issue Hammering Screws Into...A WARPED CHALKBOARD
10/16/98 Education needs technique, not tools
08: Event Gate, Gate, Gate...WHERE'S THE REPUBLICAN KEY?
10/14/98 The best judicial tactic is justice
07: Event Trust-Busters Are...THE NEW CONSUMER-BUSTERS
10/12/98 Microsoft is guilty of success
[Net: Republican Liberty Caucus]

06: Issue Ban All Nugs...AND LEAVE IT AT THAT
10/02/98 Something amiss with prohibition language
05: Comment The Whole Truth Is Not Is...EVEN IF IT EVER WAS
09/24/98 Why public polls still support Clinton
04: Issue Throwing Good Money At...TOOTHLESS LOAN SHARKS
09/17/98 The IMF is a moral hazard
[News: Washington Post]
03: Comment Appendix Q Details ...THE UNSPUN TRUTH
09/14/98 Clinton looses his rhetoric tongue on third deposition
02: Humor How to Inhale...120,206 SUBSTANTIAL WORDS
09/11/98 Humorous effects of Starr Report
01: Event At This Fork... TAKE BOTH ROADS
09/10/98 Ken Starr should indict, not impeach


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