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California 24th Congressional District Primary
Westmiller On The Issues

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Crime Education Environment
Labor Gun
Housing Immigration Labor
Social Security Taxes Term Limits Tobacco NPAT

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William Westmiller: Pro-Choice. Opposes tax funding of abortions.
Brad Sherman: Pro-Choice. Supports tax funding of abortions.

Affirmative Action
Westmiller: Supports Prop 209 Civil Rights.
Sherman: Opposes Prop 209 Civil Rights.

Balanced Budget
Westmiller: Favors Balanced Budget Amendment.
Opposes COLAs, favors uninflated currency plan.
Sherman: *Opposes?* Balanced Budget Amendment.
Favors COLAs. *Opposes?* uninflated currency plan.

Campaign Finance
Westmiller: Favors full disclosure. Opposes government campaign controls.
Supports Informed Consent for all contributions.
(Supports California Campaign Reform Initiative '98)
Sherman: *Favors?* full disclosure. Favors government campaign controls
* Opposes * Informed Consent for all contributions.

Westmiller: Supports local priorities for police funding.
Opposes federal mandates on sentencing.
Favors revision of exclusionary rule.
Sherman: Supports federal priorities for police funding.
Favors federal mandates on sentencing.
*Opposes?* revision of exclusionary rule.

Westmiller: Opposes federal funding and control of education.
Favors tax credits or vouchers for private schooling.
Sherman: Favors federal funding and control of education.
Favors tax credits for some private schooling.

Westmiller: Favors tort enforcement of pollution.
Favors individual equity shares in federal parks.
Opposes federal taking of property.
Sherman: Favors bureaucratic enforcement of pollution.
Favors federal control of parks.
Favors federal taking of property.

First Amendment
Westmiller: Opposes flag 'desecration' Constitutional Amendment.
Supports Supreme Court decision on political speech.
Opposes government Internet 'decency' controls.
Sherman: Favors flag desecration Constitutional Amendment.
* Opposes * Supreme Court decision on political speech.
* Favors * government Internet decency controls.

Foreign Aid
Westmiller: Opposes all foreign aid, except military defense cooperatives.
Opposes full funding of international agencies.
Sherman: Favors all foreign aid, including miliary defense cooperatives.
Favors full funding of international agencies.

Westmiller: Opposes federal minimum wage.
Favors comp time allowances.
Sherman: Favors federal minimum wage.
Opposes comp time allowances.

Gun Control
Westmiller: Supports state licensing. Opposes federal gun laws.
Sherman: Supports federal licensing. Supports federal gun laws.

Westmiller: Favors deregulation of government housing.
Sherman: Opposes deregulation of government housing.

Westmiller: Opposes employer sanctions.
Opposes welfare for non-citizens and random-draw immigration.
Sherman: Favors employer sanctions.
Favors welfare for non-citizens, increased border patrols.

Westmiller: Favors comp-time allowances. Favors Paycheck Protection, Prop 226
Sherman: Opposes comp-time allowances.Opposes Paycheck Protection, Prop 226

Medical Care
Westmiller: Favors individual medical savings accounts.
Favors patient approval of all medical treatments fees.
Sherman: Opposes individual medical savings accounts.
*Opposes?* patient approval of all medical treatments fees.

Social Security
Westmiller: Favors individual investment options for retirement.
Sherman: Opposes individual investment options for retirement.

Westmiller: Favors Tax Limitation Amendment.
Favors federal tax cuts equal to one-third of spending cuts.
Favors flat tax.
Sherman: Favors Tax Limitation Amendment.
Opposes federal tax cuts.
Opposes flat tax.

Term Limits
Westmiller: Opposes federal Term Limits . Signed US Term Limits Pledge.
Sherman: Favors federal Term Limits. Refused US Term Limits Pledge.

Westmiller: Opposes minors use of tobacco. Opposes FDA controls, "Settlement".
Sherman: Opposes minors use of tobacco. Favors FDA controls, "Settlement".

Westmiller: Favors Free Trade. Opposes NAFTA Extension, GATT, IMF.
Sherman: Favors Managed Trade. *Supports?* NAFTA, GATT, IMF.

Sherman Positions *Unknown?* or
Source: LA Times 10/20/96 or Congressional votes.

Vote Smart's NPAT Test: Westmiller's Answers
Sherman REFUSED to take the NPAT TEST!

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